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Web Sites


If you freelance, have a home-based business, or telecommute -- e-Work-Zone has the tips, resources, and tools you need to succeed. And plenty of ideas if you're just getting started working from home.

Web Software & Services

e-Z Soft, e-software-zone.com

Widgets for building websites... If you have a website, e-Software-Zone has the tools to help you. Software to help you build and scripts to help you automate your website.

e-Book-Zone :: everything ebooks

Everything ebooks -- from a great selection of ebooks to download to tools to create your own ebook, to marketing resources and an ebook listing service -- e-Book-Zone has ebooks covered.

e-Services-Zone :: web site design, web site programming, ebook services

Need help with your web site? We do custom web programming, web site design, set up, and maintenence. Also, ebook creation, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting.


Need to send a greeting now? e-Card-Zone has cards for every occasion that you can customize with your own personal message and deliver directly via email to your loved one's email address.

e-Klip-Zone :: delivering the internet to your desktop

Have an inbox cluttered with ezines? Want the latest ebooks or ebook reviews delivered to your desktop? Want to keep up with the latest news, or your favorite blog? e-Klip-Zone delivers your internet directly to your desktop.

e-Game-Zone :: everything gaming

When you need a break, how about a zigsaw puzzle? e-Game-Zone has some great zigsaw puzzles, plus tons of resources for all kinds of games: video games, PC and MAC games, casino games, even game cheats...


Yup, it's my blog. Catch my opinions on everything, no holds barred here...

We even have some 'non-zone' sites:

infinite abundance - a state of mind and money

Create the life you've always imagined...
Abundance -- it's as much a state of mind as it is a matter of money... Tools to help you work on both.

Home and Garden and Gifts and Collectibles and...

Tons of incredible stuff for your home, your garden, your life. From collectibles to candles to holiday help - we have tons of really neat 'stuff'.

Tons Of CoolShit.com

The most amazing collection of cool stuff on planet earth, for yourself - or for a gift. The coolest...

Candles and Candle Holders

Everything candles - scented candles, candle oil warmers, candlabras, candle holders, candle sconces... If you love candles, Tons of Candles Stuff is the place to visit.

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